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A2 SYSTEM is a leading telematics and system integration company, with a track record of over eighteen years in the world of technology and information. Our highly skilled staff in conjunction with the experience obtained in the tech sector make us pioneers in offering the highest innovation, quality, and the best service in the market. We have a team of associates that combines experience with the enthusiasm of creating useful, simple, easy-to-use solutions with a commitment to the quality of the final product.

We currently have offices in Spain, Panama and Venezuela, and representatives in Chile and Ecuador, in addition to having clients in USA, México, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Belize and Guyana.

Our Company develops applications for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. We have a proven track record as application developers for Android, IOS and hybrid applications. Our applications are targeted at vertical and horizontal markets, with products developed on every area and applicable to mass and corporate consumption, so as to foster and implement necessary solutions on the market. We have developed for mobile operators, private and public companies, and we currently have some applications deployed on the most important application stores on the market. We have a proven track record developing applications (since 2000), with sales to clients as important as Hertz, Avis, UDA, the Guayaquil Municipality, Claro, Digitel, Tigo, and Brink’s among others. Thousands of downloads and millions of users around the world are proof and attest to our technical capabilities to succeed.

A2 SYSTEM has a great team of professionals that continually develop solutions and services to provide great value for end users, through the use of existing communication technology. A2 SYSTEM works hard to understand customers and their need to offer innovative services, while ensuring high levels of security, speed, availability and mobility, all while running on the currently available platforms.

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